Miyerkules, Agosto 27, 2014

When Your Trailer Just Needs More Wheels

When transporting heavy loads, the difference between success and failure can sometimes come down to the number of wheels on your flatbed or lowboy trailer. The greater the number of wheels on a vehicle, the better its weight distribution, so having more wheels definitely counts as an advantage when you’re tasked to haul exceptionally heavy loads.

The problem, however, is that most readily available heavy haul trailers come with a specific number of axles. When you need more wheels on your trailer than are on typically available units, having a trailer built from the ground up to meet your needs is definitely the way to go.

Quite a few manufacturers are equipped to handle custom orders for heavy haul trailers that fall outside the bounds of the typical. Usually, these companies can also aid in the design process, using the insights they have gained as a result of the many years they’ve been in the business of heavy haul manufacturing to produce a stable, reliable transportation platform.

Aside from increasing the number of axles to meet your weight requirements, companies that specialize in total design and manufacturing can also help you design a trailer for nonstandard loads. This way, hauling tall loads, round loads, or any other type of atypical load can be accounted for right at the trailer design phase, reducing the burden on transportation engineers to figure out the appropriate plans for hauling such unusual loads.

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