Huwebes, Agosto 28, 2014

Custom Heavy Haul Trailers Help Promote Safe and Efficient Drilling

Despite this history, DeHaemer points out that “new real-time seismic techniques, octopus drilling technology, and flexible jackup rigs, coupled with $102 oil prices, would make these wells pay.” Specialized heavy haul trailers that transport bulky equipment enable drilling companies to reach oil reserves and tap into these rich wells of buried black gold.

Miyerkules, Agosto 27, 2014

When Your Trailer Just Needs More Wheels

When transporting heavy loads, the difference between success and failure can sometimes come down to the number of wheels on your flatbed or lowboy trailer. The greater the number of wheels on a vehicle, the better its weight distribution, so having more wheels definitely counts as an advantage when you’re tasked to haul exceptionally heavy loads.

Martes, Agosto 26, 2014

Workover Rigs Help Boost Oil Supplies and Lower Gas Prices Nationwide

According to a survey, a growing number of Americans are calling for increased domestic oil production. In turn, many oil and gas companies see fit to buy additional workover rigs that are used to drill for oil. This boom has caused oil supplies to increase, hence the decrease in gas prices. With the federal government likely to open up additional offshore drilling sites, oil supplies are expected to increase in the near future.

Linggo, Agosto 24, 2014

Concrete Batch Plant Mixes Quality Concrete that Doesn’t Crack Easily

Not all concrete batch plants are created equal, however. Count on a top manufacturer like Loadcraft Industries to offer a quality concrete batch plant for sale manufactured domestically in a state-of-the-art facility. By using reliable batch plants and mixers in place, those in the construction industry can minimize structural issues.

Biyernes, Agosto 22, 2014

Drawworks Manufacturers as a Part of Every Endeavor to Discover Oil

Once there is reason to believe the existence of black gold on a site, the drilling team moves in with their mobile drilling rigs. Standing at around 40 ft. high, these rigs consist of a winch and drilling shaft. The winch is connected to high-powered drawworks beside the rig tower, which in turn controls the drilling shaft’s ascent and descent. While the drilling shaft does all the heavy work, isolated components like drawworks enable it to do its job.

Using Quality to Battle Increasing Building Costs

While the amount of space is finite, there will always be a constant need to build new buildings and other structures. If not to occupy available land, building is commonly done to replace or renovate an older structure.

Unfortunately, while the technologies and methods in building have advanced greatly, inflation has not made the cost of doing so any cheaper. Establishing a great structure always means investing money, and not spending the right amount may lead in a compromise in structural integrity.

Lunes, Agosto 18, 2014

Drawworks: Why the Oil Field Industry Needs Them

As technical as they may sound, various types of oil field transportation and heavy haul equipment all play vital roles in ensuring success in these industries. Drawworks is just one of the many forms of heavy duty equipment that carry a huge responsibility when it comes to drilling requirements. But what essentially are drawworks and how do they actually work?

Linggo, Agosto 17, 2014

Pointers on Proper Use of a Concrete Batch Plant to Ensure Safety

Construction firms should know that even the most experienced and well-trained laborer can encounter safety risks because of faulty equipment. Inspections must be done regularly to check if machines are indeed up to standards. If maintenance efforts no longer help, construction companies should look into buying quality concrete batch plants for sale as replacements. Injury rates may have significantly decreased in construction sites, but construction company owners and managers should continuously work to ensure laborers’ safety. One way is to rely on quality construction equipment like the ones manufactured by Loadcraft Industries, Ltd. This company also provides quality service and parts.

Biyernes, Agosto 15, 2014

Tips on Choosing Good Oil Drilling Equipment and Parts like Drawworks

For hassle-free oil extraction, oil producers should look into equipment from top manufacturers and have a good reputation on the market. The fact that they are well-known manufacturers means they have access to the latest technologies to deliver products with advanced capabilities. Oil companies seem to be facing a hurdle these days due to the increase in operational expenses. To make up for this, they should rely on quality equipment from established designers and manufacturers like Loadcraft Industries, Ltd. This company also offers a parts and field service distribution to repair any faulty components and restore the equipment to normal.

Miyerkules, Agosto 13, 2014

Keeping Top-caliber Workover Rigs in Action Despite Oil Fluctuations

At present, Iraq still maintains a daily output of 3.3 million barrels a day. Rahemtulla notes that the potential loss of oil from Iraq if ISIS struck at oil fields in the southern provinces may not be missed. Production capacity in Saudi Arabia can combine with increased U.S. output to compensate, he adds; news of low-key U.S. military support even helped lower crude-oil prices. Some experts are saying, however, that a serious drop in Iraqi oil production– say, a 1.5-million barrel loss every day- can trigger a price hike of 25% in the U.S. market unless a spike helps avert a recession. Such a development may prompt smaller oil firms to purchase used workover rigs for sale to help increase drilling efforts. On the bright side, the scenario has not developed due to tougher defenses by the Kurds in Iraq’s northern oil fields and a recently successful evicting of ISIS militants by security forces from an important oil refinery in Baiji town.

Martes, Agosto 12, 2014

Safety in Oilfield Sites

In any oil extraction field, it is rather easy to spot the workover rig. This large piece of machinery is attached to a trailer that is then driven by a cab to different work sites. Workover rigs are oftentimes mistaken for drilling rigs.
However, there is a notable difference. Simply put, drilling rigs are used to punch holes on the ground. Workover rigs, on the other hand, enter the picture after drilling rigs have completed their job. The latter are responsible for installing casing tools that are needed for constructing wells.
Workover rigs vary in terms of mass and horsepower, features that matter in terms of the depth requirements and job specifications. In any case, workover rigs must meet all quality standards to avoid accidents due to malfunctions. Critical parts that need repairs or replacements also deserve prompt attention.
Meanwhile, safety guidelines extend to both the equipment and its operators. Back in 2013, an oilfield worker got into an accident by mistaking a safety chain for a floor chain. The fact that he was wearing a safety helmet at the time did not at all spare him from the unfortunate event. In short, quality equipment should always go hand-in-hand with proper use in any oil extraction operation.

Lunes, Agosto 11, 2014

Using Quality Heavy Haul Trailers for Large-scale Oilfield Operations

North Dakota’s local oil industry was all but given up for dead at the turn of the century, until new drilling technology used a few years ago started tapping into the Bakken formation. Although the oil fields in the state have churned such a large output, the only refinery in the area could not process more than 68,000 barrels of oil a day. The excess output gets sent to other off-state refineries for processing. The size of inbound refining equipment may dictate the projected load you need when scouting hauling trailers for sale. Some insiders note that two refineries are planned for construction in North Dakota in the future. In addition, demand is growing for more housing facilities to accommodate the rising numbers of employees.

Martes, Agosto 5, 2014

Factors to Consider for Mobile Concrete Plants

The ready mixed concrete manufacturing industry yields an estimated $30 billion in product value, according to the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA). If you want to be part of this lucrative sector, you may want to consider operating mobile concrete plants. By using the right equipment and methods in keeping with regulations, you can generate a healthy and steady income stream.

Securing permits
Aside from acquiring the standard business authorizations, you have to obtain special permits from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Since concrete batching produces gas emissions, it is regulated to limit harmful effects on the environment. Make sure that the materials and equipment you use are in line with EPA standards

Maintaining consistency
Your business can only be successful if your products are of excellent quality. Construction companies want only suitable materials for their projects, and you can expect them to be repeat clients only if you sell high-grade concrete. Make sure that you use equipment specified for ready mixed concrete production. Look for heavy haul trailers that allow you to transport and maintain the quality of your heavy machines and products.

Employing professionals
You also need to maintain a competent team of professionals. Highly skilled people should operate your equipment and supervise your manufacturing and delivery processes. These individuals can contribute immensely to the success of your mobile concrete plant business.