Lunes, Agosto 18, 2014

Drawworks: Why the Oil Field Industry Needs Them

As technical as they may sound, various types of oil field transportation and heavy haul equipment all play vital roles in ensuring success in these industries. Drawworks is just one of the many forms of heavy duty equipment that carry a huge responsibility when it comes to drilling requirements. But what essentially are drawworks and how do they actually work?

Basically, a drawwork functions as the core part of a drilling rig. It features alloy steel shafts, pressure-lubricated chains, and grooved drums. The modern drawworks being sold by different manufactures showcase AC or DC motors, and the number of gears may vary from one, two, or three-speed combinations.

It works by lowering and raising traveling blocks, which allows the drill string to be controlled either up or down whenever the drum of the drawwork turns. For safety measures, it also comes with a brake that is usually manually-operated. The brake may come in three different forms: a disc brake, a friction band brake, or a modified clutch.

Since the advent of gear-driven drawworks, oil field industries have experienced increase safety and improvement in control, and has become the standard when it comes to overall performance. Regardless of the type of drawwork companies invest on, its value and importance is something that industries will always appreciate today and in the years to come.

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