Biyernes, Oktubre 3, 2014

Oil Well Intervention: More Oil from your Well

With the increasing energy demands of the modern world, a lot of oil companies want to maximize the amount of oil they can get from wells. Oil wells may seem like durable and tough pieces of equipment, however they are actually a lot more delicate than people think. For example, a reduction in productivity from a well may cause its tubing to be less stable. Moreover, corrosion and wear-and-tear may reduce a well’s production. This is where an oil well intervention may be needed.

Well intervention comes in various forms to restore an oil well’s production. It comes in several forms:

Lunes, Setyembre 29, 2014

The Biggest Things Ever Moved on the Road

Man has moved countless things on the road. But what if those loads were supersized? Would it be impossible for people to move cargo that weighs hundreds of tons on the road? Not with specialized heavy haul trailers around.

A space shuttle – NASA’s Space Shuttle Endeavor, the successor to the ill-fated Challenger, was transported on a heavy haul trailer 12 miles from LAX to the California Science Center in Inglewood where it stays on display today.

Huwebes, Setyembre 25, 2014

Facts about Concrete Batching Plants

The modern world can barely exist without concrete. It is the structure that makes up a huge portion of every construction made today. So what makes concrete so sturdy and dependable that no structure of importance (or of lesser interest) is without it?


Essentially, concrete is a mixture of two components: aggregates and paste. The former is the main component that determines the strength, durability, and flexibility of the concrete, whereas the former binds it all together into a solid mass. Modern aggregates include various types of components, such as gravel and stone. Cement serves as the primary paste material.

Martes, Setyembre 16, 2014

Advancements in Oil Drilling Technology

The oil industry is essentially the most demanding infrastructure today, with hundreds of other industries depending on the main or by-products the oil industry produces for these companies’ survival. Thankfully, technological advancements over the past century or so have moved in leaps and bounds, allowing oil drilling to remain one of the most efficient ways to gather fossil fuel.

Lunes, Setyembre 1, 2014

What it’s like to Work as an Oil Rig Worker

Drilling rigs explore new areas to tap for oil. They operate 24/7 and whoever is working on them will most likely be moving to a new place every few months. While working on a drilling rig can be rewarding, it is not for everyone. Here are a few things one can expect:

Huwebes, Agosto 28, 2014

Custom Heavy Haul Trailers Help Promote Safe and Efficient Drilling

Despite this history, DeHaemer points out that “new real-time seismic techniques, octopus drilling technology, and flexible jackup rigs, coupled with $102 oil prices, would make these wells pay.” Specialized heavy haul trailers that transport bulky equipment enable drilling companies to reach oil reserves and tap into these rich wells of buried black gold.

Miyerkules, Agosto 27, 2014

When Your Trailer Just Needs More Wheels

When transporting heavy loads, the difference between success and failure can sometimes come down to the number of wheels on your flatbed or lowboy trailer. The greater the number of wheels on a vehicle, the better its weight distribution, so having more wheels definitely counts as an advantage when you’re tasked to haul exceptionally heavy loads.