Martes, Agosto 12, 2014

Safety in Oilfield Sites

In any oil extraction field, it is rather easy to spot the workover rig. This large piece of machinery is attached to a trailer that is then driven by a cab to different work sites. Workover rigs are oftentimes mistaken for drilling rigs.
However, there is a notable difference. Simply put, drilling rigs are used to punch holes on the ground. Workover rigs, on the other hand, enter the picture after drilling rigs have completed their job. The latter are responsible for installing casing tools that are needed for constructing wells.
Workover rigs vary in terms of mass and horsepower, features that matter in terms of the depth requirements and job specifications. In any case, workover rigs must meet all quality standards to avoid accidents due to malfunctions. Critical parts that need repairs or replacements also deserve prompt attention.
Meanwhile, safety guidelines extend to both the equipment and its operators. Back in 2013, an oilfield worker got into an accident by mistaking a safety chain for a floor chain. The fact that he was wearing a safety helmet at the time did not at all spare him from the unfortunate event. In short, quality equipment should always go hand-in-hand with proper use in any oil extraction operation.

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