Martes, Agosto 5, 2014

Factors to Consider for Mobile Concrete Plants

The ready mixed concrete manufacturing industry yields an estimated $30 billion in product value, according to the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA). If you want to be part of this lucrative sector, you may want to consider operating mobile concrete plants. By using the right equipment and methods in keeping with regulations, you can generate a healthy and steady income stream.

Securing permits
Aside from acquiring the standard business authorizations, you have to obtain special permits from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Since concrete batching produces gas emissions, it is regulated to limit harmful effects on the environment. Make sure that the materials and equipment you use are in line with EPA standards

Maintaining consistency
Your business can only be successful if your products are of excellent quality. Construction companies want only suitable materials for their projects, and you can expect them to be repeat clients only if you sell high-grade concrete. Make sure that you use equipment specified for ready mixed concrete production. Look for heavy haul trailers that allow you to transport and maintain the quality of your heavy machines and products.

Employing professionals
You also need to maintain a competent team of professionals. Highly skilled people should operate your equipment and supervise your manufacturing and delivery processes. These individuals can contribute immensely to the success of your mobile concrete plant business.

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